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Posted by karenandkurt on July 30, 2010 at 3:30 PM

Greetings from the House on Misty Lake, brought to you by a shiny red PT Cruiser!


Last week Kurt and I bought a new car for me, a bright red 2009 PT Cruiser. The wonderful Saturn SE 3-door coup was starting to show its age and presented us with the options of a bunch of money to tune up/replace tires/repair whatever kept that darn dashboard light coming on and an oil change or decide it was time for a new car. After debate (“I’m not sure I’m ready for a new car!” I whined), Kurt started looking for the car I have wanted for 10 years: the red PT Cruiser.


He found three for sale in all of Maryland. Luckily one of those three was at Koons Ford in Annapolis, which you know is pretty close to us. After work two weeks ago, we went up to look at it.


“Hiya!” the red car said, just sitting there amidst a bunch of other used cars that didn’t say too much. “Where have you been? I’ve been waiting all week for you.”


We looked the car over, noted a few scratches from its life as a fleet car in an Atlanta rental company, and waited for the used car salesman to come out. He did and happy offered to let us take a test drive. Without him.


“You’re Annapolis people,” he said. “You know there area. Drive as long as you want.”


(Let me just say, this is all very different from an earlier fieldtrip to CarMax. I don’t know what “Max worthy” means to them, but I don’t think it means what they think it means.)


So we took the PT Cruiser for a cruise down to the river, through some neighborhoods and decided I looked good in it. We headed on back to the dealership and sat down with the salesman. The PT Cruiser sat across the small parking lot from my Saturn.


“Hiya!” the cruiser said to the Saturn. “I like your paint.”


“Thanks,” the Saturn replied. “I like your bumper. What were you doing with my owner? I don’t like the way she drove off in you.”


“That was called a test-drive,” the PT Cruiser told the Saturn. “People do that all the time. We zoom all around Annapolis and then they go away. But at least I get to go exercise my tires for a little bit.”


Well, what the two cars didn’t expect is that we discussed the PT Cruiser with the salesman and then with the finance officer and decided it was time (gulp!) to go for the PT Cruiser.


The Saturn didn’t find itself traded in, though.  One of the women I work with is in the market for a used car (a family member will be staying with her for a while this fall and for other reasons) and immediately jumped when I told her we decided to get the Cruiser. We worked things out and ended up selling her my little sports car, which she promptly sent to the mechanic for the work we knew it needed.


“It’s definitely not a mommy-car!” she told me as we dropped it off.


So my Saturn has gone to a good home, which I like. The thought of my terrific little zoom-zoom getting taken to pieces and sold for parts was too heart-wrenching.  And the PT Cruiser came home with us and has been zooming all around town. The first accessory we got for the car, though, is a child booster seat for my niece.


“Mommy, Karen’s car is beautiful!” she told my sister. “And I got to ride in it!”


The next accessory is going to be a happy shark, though. Fins up!

My sweet new ride




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