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The Wedding and Garden

Posted by karenandkurt on May 3, 2010 at 2:32 PM

Sunday was spent in the garden. And it was a day well-spent.


On Saturday, Margaret, Gracie, the boys and I went down to Chesapeake Beach for the “pre-wedding” hairstyle-trial. The lady who did my hair was a dear and we looked over her book of hairstyles she had done with other brides. We found a good-looking one that lifts the hair up but leaves some long down the neck. She also trimmed my hair.

Margaret has the pictures, so if you’re curious, check with her. The hairpins itched!!! The stylist said she would pin my hair tighter for the wedding, but I’m worried about standing there, taking these vows and all I would think is my head itches! Then the observation process began – how long would my hair stay in before it all fell out? I’m sad to say that the overall time was shorter than expected. Sunday morning, when my hair was completely combed out, I discover one other problem – the trim is not straight.


Kurt and I need to go to Fredrick County to get the wedding licenses on Wednesday and plan to stop by the salon to give the stylist – who was very nice – the chance to even the trim. (Kurt and I spent some time looking at our finance and time budgets to decide if we could afford to send me home to Williamsville and Jim at Mane Street Hair Cutters. Sadly, that possibility is outside of both budgets.)


Sunday, though, saw success in our garden (we have garden beans sprouting!) and in other wedding plans. We met with Fr. Bob for the last time before the wedding on Wednesday. Both our aunts, Jan and Dee, have agreed to read during the wedding Service. The program is done and going to the printer on Tuesday. Kurt and I started the wedding favors during the weekend. The quest for a veil is planned. We are looking for a time to start on the centerpieces. The cake will be paid for on Wednesday and the deposit for flowers is on its way out.


Definitely time to play in with the worms and dirt! Kurt and I tackled the herb boxes for the container garden. The old plants had to be pulled and tossed in the compost post, along with assorted weeds that thought the boxes were nice place to grow. We loosened the soil and took out as many root clumps as we could. I trimmed the thyme, sage, and mint that came back from over the winter and loosed the soil surrounding their roots. To this we added some fresh soil and organic fertilizer.


Kurt pulled one of the old palm trees and moved the planter to join the tomato garden and spent some time weeding the main garden. He spread some sand in the rock garden, which may become a tiny backyard beach.


Once we had the boxes ready, we were off to Boyer’s for more plants. They have some really nice looking herbs this year and we came home with basil, cilantro and oregano – and a new tomato tree! We dug back into the dirt and got our new plants happily settled.


All of this took the afternoon. The day was hot and sunny and when we finally retreated inside for showers, it was close to dinner time. Well, Myth Busters is discovering if three pizzas in the carry case are enough to stop a bullet.


“We’re having pizza tonight,” Kurt said. “The TV decided for me.”


Oh, yummy pizza! There’s a new pizzeria way down the street from us and it is probably the best pizza I have had in Maryland. It is our new favorite pizza place and was the perfect top to a busy day.


The wedding is now 25 days until the wedding. Things are underway, spring is definitely here and the wedding is soon. Oh, my!


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Reply Mom
8:34 PM on May 7, 2010 
What fun! I am so glad that you love your garden and Kurt too! What a great day!

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