Karen & Kurt 
Edgewood in St. Denis

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The Perfect Partner: Our Proposal
Kurt proposed on June 12, 2009

Proposal on the Explorer of the Seas

The story is begins with, no surprises, we're running late to meet Kurt's parents, family and my parents in the Aquarium Bar before dinner on the first formal night.

We are finally ready and dash off to the elevators on our floor. As we approach the four elevators, Kurt, grabs my hand and says, "Let's go look at the balcony here."

"We're late," I protested. "Everyone's waiting."

"No, come on, they'll wait," he tells me and leads me over to the balcony that overlooks the front of the promenade, about three stories down. When you look at the picture to the right, it's the balcony at the top of the pictures.

So, we go over the balcony and he says, "Why don't you go look?"

I am afraid of heights. Thank you, but I could see it just fine from the doorway.

I turn around to share this and Kurt has gone down to one knee. My first thought: Did you fall?

And I see he is holding an engagement ring and trembling. Kurt looks at me with this expression of love, panic and excitement. Exactly what he said I can't remember exactly, though I am sure it was close to, "I love you...Would you do me the honor...?"

I stood there and started to shake myself! And I just repeated, "Yes, oh my God, yes!" Somewhere about a dozen times.

And Kurt stood up and slid the ring on my finger (after I quickly pulled off my claggadah ring) and kissed me. Wobbly, we made our way down the elevator and to the Aquarium bar where everyone was waiting for us.

As we approached, I leaned over and whispered, "Do you want to say something?" Instead, Kurt just lifted up my hand for everyone to see and there was cheering.