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Most in need of mercy

Posted by karenandkurt on February 5, 2015 at 10:15 PM

It is the simplest and quickest of prayers, but it’s one that I whisper a lot.

“Oh my Jesus, lead all souls to you, especially those most in need of your mercy.”


I’m not going to take it apart for you and I’m not going to go on a theological explanation. But in the past few days we have seen again the horror of ISIS, or the Islamic State, and the abominable acts it is capable of committing. It murders. It takes hostage. It rapes. It steals – land, oil, people, minds. It claims to act in God’s and in the name of Islam. But it does no such thing. King Hussien of Jordon, a devote Muslim, said: “This is no reflection of our religion. This is evil…”


And it is evil. The devil can quote scripture and it doesn’t care whose holy scripture it reads from.


When James Foley was brutally murdered, I was at a communications conference. I stood there, frozen, watching the TV screen as CNN showed the horrid video. My companions didn’t seem to notice. A reporter to a reporter, an image on the screen, I could not let him die alone. And I cried and prayed.


Oh my Jesus, lead all souls to you, especially those most in need of your mercy.

And ISIS murdered again. It raped again. It destroyed again. Knives to the throats of men and women, bound and helpless. Those most in need of mercy.


This week, a most gruesome video, expertly choreographed and filmed, was released by ISIS showing the murder of a Jordanian pilot. It was not execution because that is the sentence following a trail. It was murder of a helpless man, trapped in a cage, with gasoline soaking through his clothes.


It makes me cry. It makes me pray. For him. For the people displaced by ISIS. For Muslims, Christians, Yazidis – for all who are being targeted by these horrible people.


And the quiet lesson to pray for my enemy makes itself understandable to me.


Oh my Jesus, lead all souls to you, especially those most in need of your mercy.


Who is more in need of God’s mercy than a man trapped in a cage, his hands outstretched in prayer, as flames engulf his body? It is only God’s great mercy that can save his soul and bring him to paradise.


And who is more in need of God’s mercy than a man whose heart is so hardened and mind so turned away from the lesson to love his neighbor than a man who would light a fuse to murder a man trapped in a cage? It is only God’s great mercy that can save his soul, soften his heart and turn him back into a kind man.


Those most in need of mercy. Lead all souls to you.


I don’t have an answer; I want ISIS stopped before it can quote more scripture and destroy more lives. I want death and murder to stop. I want mercy. It is only mercy that will make this stop. War may bring it to an end – but only mercy will truly make it stop, when hearts and mind turn back to Great Mercy, who created the world, who created this pilot, this masked man and me.


Oh my Jesus, lead all souls to you, especially those most in need of your mercy.

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2:27 PM on July 20, 2017 
A Saudi woman has been arrested for defying the kingdom's strict dress code by walking around in a miniskirt and crop top in a video that sparked public outrage.

The woman, whose name was not given, was detained by police in the capital, Riyadh, for wearing "immodest clothes" that contradicted the country's conservative Islamic dress code, state media reported Tuesday. Police referred her case to the public prosecutor, according to the official Twitter account of state-run TV channel al-Ekhbariya.

In the video, which has gone viral since first emerging on Snapchat over the weekend, the woman is filmed walking around a historic fort in a miniskirt with no one else around. The short video, shot in a village in the desert region of Najd, where many of Saudi Arabia's most conservative tribes and families are from, is followed by other shots of her sitting in the desert.

The video sparked a Twitter hashtag that called for her arrest, with many saying she flagrantly disobeyed Saudi rules, which require all women living in the kingdom, including foreigners, to wear long, loose robes known as abayas in public. Most Saudi women also wear a headscarf and veil that covers the face.

Social media is wildly popular in Saudi Arabia as a space to vent frustrations and gauge public opinion. The outcry against the video and the woman's subsequent arrest reveal how powerful and widespread conservative views are in the kingdom, despite recent moves by Saudi Arabia to modernize and loosen some rules.

The country's 31-year-old heir to the throne, Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, has pushed for greater openings for entertainment in part to appease the youth, who are active on social media and can bypass government censors online. More than half of Saudi Arabia's population is under 25.

The government announced last week that girls would be allowed for the first time to play sports in public school and have access to physical education classes. The powers of the kingdom's religious police have also been curtailed, and they are officially no longer allowed to arrest people.

Despite these moves, strict gender segregation rules and other restrictions on women remain in place. Women are not allowed to drive in Saudi Arabia and cannot obtain a passport or travel abroad without a male relative's permission.

After the woman's video surfaced, some Saudis expressed alarm, saying that Twitter was being used as a tool to out other citizens.

Saudi writer Waheed al-Ghamdi wrote on Twitter that while the woman violated Saudi laws, her actions did not warrant such an outcry because they did not harm others.

"I am simply questioning the lack of priorities regarding anger and alarm expressed over human rights violations and oppression versus the harmless personal choices of others," he wrote.

Some of those defending her posted images from President Donald Trump's visit to Saudi Arabia in May, in which First Lady Melania Trump and his daughter Ivanka, though modestly dressed in higher necklines and longer sleeves, did not cover their heads or wear abayas.

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One Twitter user, whose post was shared more than 1,700 times, superimposed an image of Ivanka's face on the young Saudi woman's body, writing: "Enough already, the situation has been solved."

The woman's image was blurred on Saudi news websites reporting on the case. It is common in Saudi Arabia to see heavily blurred or pixelated images of women's faces on billboards and storefronts — in stark contrast to the many towering images of senior male royals displayed across the country.